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Historic Water-Powered Mills of the Scantic River Watershed with Bill Friday

Compared to the Connecticut River, the Scantic River seems tiny and insignificant.  Yet, in the past nearly 150 mills were powered by the Scantic and its tributaries!  How could this be?  Enfield Historical Society president Bill Friday will answer this question and more.

The Scantic River passes through or drains parts of ten towns in two states before emptying into the Connecticut River.  Bill will briefly explain the geologic history that created the river, then talk about the Industrial Revolution and local history that led to the founding of settlements and construction of mills in the Scantic River watershed.  Information about dozens of different mill types, scores of mill sites, and over 140 mills will be presented: familiar Enfield mills like the Gordon Brothers mill and Hazard Powder Company mills in Scitico and Hazardville; mills in other towns like the Somersville Mill; and others that have faded from memory.  Your questions are welcome, as are your memories of any of the mills.