2017 Enfield Teen Summer Reading

Online Summer Reading Program

The teen (completed grades 6-12) summer reading program is online. 

Click here to sign up. Then, track the minutes you read.  The program will alert you when it is time to go to the library for a prize.  Each ninety minutes of reading will qualify you for a raffle ticket.  Tickets you earn can be entered into a final drawing for a variety of prizes.  There will also be weekly raffles that include t-shirts and other goodies, plus random drawings for book prizes.  You will earn a prize when you reach the program goal of 14 hours of reading.

You can participate in challenges for fun and to earn extra tickets.

If you have any questions, call Kristin at 860-763-7517.

Summer Reading Programs

We have a variety of teen programs this Summer.

Serve your Community Challenge

Want to go the extra mile and Build a Better World by helping out in your community?  Start by clicking here to get the Serve Your Community Challenge checklist.  Then complete six of the service items on the list.  Upload a selfie of you doing one of the tasks to the Challenges section of the Online Summer Reading Program!